Buttons by JIM KNOPF

Find here a wide selection of the German famous button brand Jim Knopf

Ute Holk is the creative person behind JIM KNOPF. She founded the company and manages it for more than 30 years now. Many of her buttons are produced in the most remote regions of the world according to her ideas and drawings. She knows and has visited most of the production sites in person and makes sure that the buttons are produced at fair conditions at her production workshops. And to make her range even more attractive, she buys buttons from other suppliers, too. Can you imagine that all JIM KNOPF buttons are made by hand? An especially creative idea by Ute Holk is the production of buttons from recycled crown caps: "During one of my visits of one of our workshops in the Philippines, I noticed that the crown caps of the soft drinks sold at those little booths are usually carelessly littered. My idea was to make buttons out of these crown caps, so I made an arrangement with the soft drink booths. Now one of the employees in the workshop drives around to the booths and picks up the caps for our crown cap recycling collection", the innovative lady-manager reports. See for yourself how many different designs she invented with this material.

Jim Knopf


Jim Knopf

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