Welcome to my knitting yarn store.

I offer you a selection of materials that I particularly like and which will allow you to knit Lucile Ateliers Designs knitting patterns and much more.

You can find my knitting patterns here

I operate this e-shop in cooperation with tes-laines.fr, who process all orders and payments for me. This guarantees you fast and efficient handling of your orders and also affordable delivery costs.

For any questions relating to orders and shippings, please contact order@tes-laines.fr.

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I self-publish my patterns as Lucile Ateliers Designs and create quality garments and pedagogic patterns.
I work to let you discover pretty materials.
My creations evolve in a soothing environment. They want to be timeless and elegant. I think them to be loved to knit as much as to be worn.
I like making unique and accessible women’s items regarding technique and style. To be able to knit our own clothes is a pleasure that it’s important for me to transmit.
The creativity of my customers and their appropriation of my patterns is my greatest reward.

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Free shipping above 50€
Free shipping above 50€
Thousands of 5 star reviews
Thousands of 5 star reviews
120 yarns in 3.000 colours
120 yarns in 3.000 colours
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100% secure payments


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